This is the first set of images that I found on Tumblr. As soon as I saw them, I just had to make an account! These pics also started a new fantasy in my head.

The fantasy: One day I surprise my GF with “gift.” A brand new glass butt plug. (This butt plug happens to be hollow.) We go into the bedroom and start off with some heavy petting and oral sex. I get out some lube and start preparing her for bum for the new toy. Once inserted in her ass we start up again. Slowly at first so she could get used to the new plug, but little-by-little we get back into the swing of things. Missionary, doggy style, spooning…

Towards the end, she’s lays flat on her stomach with both hands underneath her, rubbing her own clit (she loves doing this), and I’m drilling her from on top. Just as I’m about to cum, I pull out of her pussy and cum INSIDE the glass plug. Spent, I’d fall back onto the bed.

I say, “Don’t move. I came inside the plug. It’ll spill everywhere.”

“Don’t worry,” she says.

She lifts her ass off the bed a little. She stops playing with herself and reaches back, towards the butt plug. Slowly she starts to sway her ass side-to-side as she carefully pulls out the butt plug. Once out, she holds it up as she turns, braces herself up one one elbow and smiles at me. (She has these eyes and a smile that will melt your heart!) Holding the glass plug carefully and slowly raises it to her lips. She closes her eyes gently and takes in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of my hot cum, and lets out a little moan. “Mmmm…” She looks at me, smiles and used the butt plug like a shot glass, letting my cum land on her tongue and slip into her mouth. She swallows and coyly says “Thank you for my new toy.”

Sounds like a great idea.  find a hollow glass plug thats not too big and I’ll ask aly if I can try it with some guy.  (I’ll make her drink it though….)